• Tom Moyer

Moab passes fee-and-dividend resolution!

On July 10th, the Moab City Council passed a resolution urging Congress to levy a revenue-neutral fee on the carbon in fossil fuels. They join Salt Lake City and Summit County in having passed F&D resolutions. Congratulations to Bill Barron and city council member Rani Derasary on getting this passed! Moab Resolution #32-2018

We are continuing to work with other municipalities around Utah to pass environmental stewardship resolutions and to join us in lobbying. If you are interested in helping talk to your municipal government, contact Robin English and Megan Nelson. robin.english@ymail.com menelson@vassar.edu

A 30-minute video from the Salt Lake City Mayors' Climate Solutions Roundtable has now been posted. Rob Davies gives a great summary of climate science and Yoram Bauman gives a great summary of carbon pricing. This one is worth watching and bookmarking for future reference. Climate Solutions Roundtable video

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