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More HB411 News

Francis passed their HB411 resolution this week, bringing the total to 12 municipalities.

Sandy discussed the resolution tonight and voted against it 4-3. Big thanks to everyone from Sandy who worked on this. Even though it didn't pass, we are opening the conversation around clean energy in multiple ways and this is going to have helpful ripple effects down the road.

The Utah League of Cities and Towns passed a Resolution on Improving Utah’s Air Quality. This mentions their support for HB411, and for carbon-free energy in general. This another big push in the state in support of further climate action.

Feel free to use the Sierra Club's letter writing tool to support 100% clean electricity in your municipality. It will look up your city council members and send your message to the right people. Municipalities with interest that are coming up include Ogden, Orem, West Valley City, Henefer, and Taylorsville.

Upcoming dates are:

December 3rd - Ogden. Resolution discussion and vote.

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Upcoming Events:

8/18, 6:30 pm: Clean Air Caucus meeting. Agenda includes an update on the Utah Roadmap. 8/19, 10:00am Environmental Voter Project volunteer training 8/20, 5:00pm Environmental Voter Project volunteer

Environmental Voter Project

The solution to climate change is democracy!  We are encouraging efforts to help get out the environmental vote. We know from the Environmental Voter Project that many people concerned about the env