• Tom Moyer

Call Congress about the Scalise Resolution

Your elected representatives need to hear from you.

Right now, Congress is preparing to vote on a resolution stating that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the American economy.  The vote will likely be on Thursday, July 19th.

Please call your U.S. representative today and urge them to vote NO on the anti-carbon tax resolution, H. Con. Res. 119!

This resolution, introduced by Majority Whip Steve Scalise, claims that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy. We know that a price on carbon, when done right, benefits the economy. A revenue-neutral carbon fee would grow American jobs, improve public health and drive down carbon emissions. This resolution ignores those benefits. 

By voting NO, members of Congress can make sure the most efficient, market-based solution to climate change stays on the table.

Text of the resolution (H.Con.Res.119) CCL rebuttal to H.Con.Res.119

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