• Tom Moyer

Snowman Protest

Something fun and unusual!  Snowmen (snowpeople?) are threatened by climate change but can’t speak for themselves, so we must speak for them.  Build a snowman and give it a sign. Post it on Instagram with #snowmanprotest and tag @citizensclimate. If you're not on Instagram, you can email it to snowmanprotest@citizensclimate.org. CCL plans to roll this out on January 27th but would like to have some photos posted by January 21st. 

Still think climate change is a hoax? Tell that to Billy...

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8/18, 6:30 pm: Clean Air Caucus meeting. Agenda includes an update on the Utah Roadmap. 8/19, 10:00am Environmental Voter Project volunteer training 8/20, 5:00pm Environmental Voter Project volunteer

Environmental Voter Project

The solution to climate change is democracy!  We are encouraging efforts to help get out the environmental vote. We know from the Environmental Voter Project that many people concerned about the env