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Upcoming events - League of Women Voters presentations

The Utah League of Women Voters has voted to endorse HB403. They will be gearing up, as we are, to lobby state representatives to support the bill. We will be doing a series of presentations to LWV chapters around the state.

If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact me to let me know. tmoyer@xmission.com  We will be doing a Zoom call on 9/4 with the presenters to go over the details of the legislation.

Dates scheduled so far are: Monday 10/8 7:00 pm. Weber County Library (need presenters) Monday, 11/26 7:30 pm. Sugar House area (presenters: Bryan Debbink, Margie McCloy, Mark Molen) Tuesday 11/27 11:00 am. Park City (presenters: Tom Moyer, Yoram Bauman) Wednesday 11/28 10:30 am. Whitmore Library (need presenters) Thursday 11/29 10:00 am. Sandy Senior Citizens Center (presenters: Steve Glaser, Bryan Debbink) Thursday 11/29 12:30 pm. Anderson-Foothill Library (presenters: Margie McCloy, Mark Molen, Natalie Spohn) Wednesday 12/12 11:00 am. The Avenues (presenters: Tom Moyer, Yoram Bauman)

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Upcoming Events:

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Environmental Voter Project

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