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Utah Climate and Clean Air Compact

Such big news from the business community! Over 100 business leaders signed the Utah Climate and Clean Air Compact to support the Utah Roadmap. Signers include Congressmen Curtis and McAdams, former Governor Jon Huntsman, Zion's Bank President Scott Anderson, real estate developer Kem Gardner, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce CEO Derek Miller, and EcoRight star and Utah friend Bob Inglis.

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times gave the keynote, and included one of the greatest ever articulations of market-based environmentalism. “If you shape the market in the right way, it will do what you want. If you incentivize the market to give you dirty air, it will do that. But if you incentivize it to give you clean air and clean products it will do that for you, too. And it will do it at scale.”

Huge thank-you to our friends at Utah Clean Energy for putting this together. You can read the compact and see the full list of signers here. If you know of additional possible signers, you can have them contact Josh Craft at

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