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Carbon pricing resolution introduced!

Senator Cullimore (R-Sandy) has introduced SCR012 - Concurrent Resolution Concerning Climate Action. This resolution supports federal action to address climate change and encourages Utah's federal delegation to consider the bipartisan Carbon Dividends plan. If we are going to get a hearing on this at all, it will be very quickly. We will be mobilizing to testify in favor of it as soon as that happens. Students - please get prepared for 1-2 minutes of testimony in support of the resolution. This could happen in the next day or two. Constituents in Sandy and Cottonwood Heights - please send Senator Cullimore a note of thanks. Even if we don't get a hearing, just having introduced this is groundbreaking and will change the politics on climate change in Utah. 385-867-9474 Bills making progress:

Senator Kitchen's SB77 - Electric Energy Related Tax Credit. This bill provides incentives for utility and residential energy storage technologies. It has passed the Senate and is now in the House Rev and Tax Committee.  Action Utah SB77 Fact Sheet Representative Arent's HB235 - Voluntary Home Energy Information Pilot Program. This bill provides homebuyers a "home energy performance report." It has passed the House and now goes to the Senate. Action Utah HB235 fact sheet. Representative Spendlove's HB259 - Electric Vehicle Charging Network. This bill works with Utah Department of Transportation to increase fast charging stations for electric vehicles. It has passed the House and a Senate Committee and now goes to the Senate Floor. Action Utah HB259 fact sheet.

Good bills STILL stuck in committee:

Representative Briscoe's HCR11 - Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Utah Roadmap for Positive Solutions and Leadership on Climate and Air Quality. It is currently stuck in the Rules Committee. Action Utah HCR11 fact sheet. Representative Ward's HB194 - Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement Amendments. It has been assigned to the House Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee, and has not been given a date for a hearing. Action Utah HB194 fact sheet.

2020 legislative tracker See our 2020 legislative tracker for the up to date status of all climate-related bills.

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