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Climate Utah - 2/14 Action Alert - Committee Hearing Tomorrow

Committee hearing tomorrow!

Friday 2/15, 3:40pm Representative Ward's HCR005 will be heard in the House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee tomorrow at 3:40 pm. The hearing will be in room 445 at the Capitol. Here is the agenda.

Bill: HCR005- Resolution Urging Policies That Reduce Damage from Wildfires (Ray Ward) Summary: urges the government to pursue policies to reduce excess forest fuel loads and mitigate climate change. This is a way for some of our legislators to acknowledge the effect that climate change is already having on Utah.

Please attend and show your support. We will have two climate scientists there ready to speak in support of the resolution, Ben Abbott from BYU and John Armstrong from Weber State.

Constituents - if you live in one of these districts, please contact your representatives and ask them to support HCR005. If you're not sure which district you're in, you can look it up here. The Committee members are:

Stratton, KevenROremH 48kstratton@le.utah.gov801-836-6010Wilde, LoganRCroydonH 53loganwilde@le.utah.gov385-290-7769Albrecht, CarlRRichfieldH 70carlalbrecht@le.utah.gov435-979-6578Briscoe, JoelDSalt Lake CityH 25joelfor25@gmail.com801-946-9791Chew, ScottRJensen / VernalH 55scottchew@le.utah.gov435-630-0221Duckworth, SusanDSalt Lake CityH 22sduckworth@le.utah.gov801-250-0728Ferry, JoelRTremontonH 1jferry@le.utah.gov435-465-8887Hawkes, TimRCentervilleH 18thawkes@le.utah.gov801-928-9008Lyman, PhilRKanabH 73plyman@le.utah.gov435-459-2800Owens, DerrinRFountain GreenH 58derrinowens@le.utah.gov435-851-1284Sagers, DouglasRTooleH 21dougsagers@le.utah.gov435-830-3485Schultz, MikeRHooperH 12mikeschultz@le.utah.gov801-859-7713Watkins, ChristineRPriceH 69christinewatkins@le.utah.gov435-650-1969

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