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Climate Utah 2/20 update - action alerts!

Below are some of the significant bills coming up this week. As always, we will update the 2022 legislative tracker in real time whenever things change.

You can look up your legislative district and contact information for your legislators here. Legislators respond best when we are respectful and appreciative, and when we are clear about what we are asking them to vote for or against. If you're emailing, include the bill number and title in the subject of the email, and include your address and contact information in your signature.

HB312 - State Financial Contracts Amendments- oppose

This bill prohibits Utah public entities from entering into financial contracts with any financial company that refuses to finance fossil fuel companies. It is anti free market, and sends an unwelcome message to high-tech and clean energy businesses that might want to locate in Utah, along with having a negative effect on Utah's Olympic bid. It's an attempt to put a thumb on the scale in favor of incumbent industries.

Action alert! This bill will be heard in the House Business and Labor Committee on Tuesday at 4pm. We will be testifying against it. If you are in one of these districts, please send your legislator an email or give them a quick call and ask them to vote 'no'.

HB189 - Electric Vehicle Charging Modifications

This bill guarantees the right to install and use an electric vehicle charging system to residents of condominium units and rental residences. It will be heard in the House Political Subdivisions Committee on Tuesday at 8:00 am. Committee members are: Dunnigan, Musselman, Bennion, Burton, Gwynn, Ivory, Kohler, Lesser, Teuscher, and Weight. Contact information for them can be found on the committee page.

HB164 - Public Transit Fares

This bill makes all UTA bus services free in the state, except for seasonal bus services for winter sports. It will be heard in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee on Tuesday at 8:00 am. Committee members are: Snider, Robertson, Abbott, Barlow, Briscoe, Eliason, Harrison, Lisonbee, Sagers, Seegmiller, Spendlove, Stoddard, and Strong.

SB187 - Fossil Fuels Tax Amendments

Senator Kitchen's SB187 reduces emissions through a state carbon tax, with approximately one-third of the revenue directed to improving local air quality and promoting rural economic development, and two-thirds of the revenue directed to reducing existing taxes, including the elimination of the state sales tax on grocery store food. This is similar to bills that Representative Briscoe has run in the past, and to the Clean the Darn Air ballot initiative.

It has been assigned to the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee, and it does not have a hearing date scheduled. Key legislators on the committee are McCay (chair), Bramble, Cullimore, and Wilson. If you are in one of these Senate districts, please contact your legislator and ask them to give the bill a hearing.

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