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HB304 committee hearing tomorrow!

HB304 Committee Hearing Tomorrow at 4pm!

HB304 will be heard tomorrow at 4pm in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee (room 445). Please come and show your support! We may send out additional information later tonight or tomorrow  (for example, a possible gathering spot prior to the hearing to get organized etc) but we wanted to share this news with you right away!

Testifying in Committee

The committee hearing is open to public testimony, but we won't know in advance how much time is available for testimony, so we'd like to get as organized as possible in advance. If you're interested in testifying, draft 1-2 minutes of testimony for what you'd like to say and email it to us. We would like to cover:Air pollutionRural economic developmentTax policy and economicsUtah's leadership on small-government market-based environmental solutionsThe 2030 OlympicsClimate changeIdeally we would each cover different issues so we don't all say the same kinds of things. It's fine to mention climate change, but we don't want the focus only to be on that. There is more detail on each of these in Yoram's email from yesterday.

HB304 Resources

These resources can also be found on the Climate Utah bill tracker. HB304 Fact Sheet HB304 Talking Points HB304 Revenue Pie-Charts HB304 Fiscal Note Summary HB304 Sign-On Letter

HB304 Support

HB304 is now supported by the following organizations: Action Utah Alliance for a Better Utah Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City Great Salt Lake Audubon HEAL Utah League of Women Voters Utah Clean Energy Utah Sierra Club Utah Citizens' Council(shown as 2018 HB403)

Constituents - please contact your legislators!

Constituents in these districts - please contact your legislators today to ask for their support for HB304 - Fossil Fuels Tax Amendments. Let them know you are a constituent (and give your address), and give them a few sentences of personal reasons why you support the bill. Spendlove, RobertRSandyH 49rspendlove@le.utah.gov801-560-5394Quinn, TimRHeberH 54tquinn@le.utah.gov435-412-2170Anderson, KyleRNorth OgdenH 7kyleandersen@le.utah.gov385-239-1523Barlow, StewartRFruit HeightsH 17contact form801-289-6699Briscoe, JoelDSalt Lake CityH 25joelfor25@gmail.com801-946-9791Eliason, SteveRSandyH 45seliason@le.utah.gov801-673-4748Ivory, KenRWest JordanH 47contact form801-694-8380Moss, JeffersonRSaratoga SpringsH 2jeffersonmoss@le.utah.gov385-250-6738Pitcher, StephanieDMillcreekH 40spitcher@le.utah.gov385-272-8032Sagers, DouglasRTooleH 21dougsagers@le.utah.gov435-830-3485Shipp, RexRCedar CityH 538-1029Stoddard, AndrewDMurrayH 44astoddard@le.utah.gov385-256-3281Strong, MarkRRivertonH 41mstrong@le.utah.gov385-275-5682Thurston, NormanRProvoH 64normthurston@le.utah.gov801-477-5348

- Tom

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