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Light the Purple #M

Climate change is bigger than rivalry!

More details on the event are at RSVP here.

Join University of Utah and BYU students to form a giant “#M” on the side of the mountain during the big rivalry game. The #M stands for “Middle” and for “Mitt”. Middle because if Utes and Cougs can meet up to work on climate solutions, Democrats and Republicans can too. And Mitt, because we’re thanking our main man, Senator Mitt Romney, for taking climate change seriously.

To thank Mitt, we’re inviting Utahns to sign the first-ever “don’t change” petition. Mitt is showing that climate change is bigger than rivalries and political ideologies, and we don’t want to see that stop anytime soon. So we’re thanking him for seeing that bipartisanship (the far middle) is where durable solutions will be found.

When the “#M” shows up on the side of the mountain, we’ll flood Twitter with tweets about the petition and some love for our climate-friendly, neighborhood Senator.

If Utes and Cougs can team up on climate change, maybe Democrats and Republicans can too.

When: August 29th 5:30PM – 7:00PM: Food and drinks at Rock Canyon Trailhead Pavilion. Alcohol prohibited. 7:00PM – 10:00PM: Hiking and lighting the purple #M.

Where: Rock Canyon Trailhead Pavilion 2620 N 1450 E Provo , UT 84601

What: This, but with a hashtag and the letter “M”. Bring a headlamp/extra flashlight to help with the night hiking.

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