• Tom Moyer

The election is over. Now what?

The midterm elections are done (except for some races that are still too close to call). It's time for us to call state legislators to ask for their support and to meet with them to talk about climate legislation. This the best time to ask, before they get busy as the legislative session approaches.

Rep. Wilde has accepted our invitation to come the the Park City CCL chapter meeting this week. Rep. Ward came to last month's meeting in Salt Lake City. Consider inviting your own legislators. You may find them to be more willing than you think.

I'll be contacting some of you individually who are in key legislative districts, but no need to wait for that before talking to your legislators.

The pollution pricing bill, HB403, will be back this session with a different bill number. We are focusing our lobbying on trying to get Republican co-sponsors for it. There will be other climate-related legislation that we will support, such as HCR009. I'll give more updates on those as we find out specifics on which bills will be introduced.

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