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Upcoming event - Provo - On the Road for Climate Action

7:00pm on Monday, August 6th in the Provo library The Utah County CCL chapter will host a presentation by Shahir Masri, an environmental health scientist from UC Irvine. His talk will review the effects of climate change in Utah and worldwide, and address popular misconceptions about climate science. His lecture will be followed by a Q&A panel with local scientists from BYU and UVU to discuss and answer questions about climate science and studies affecting the Provo area. Shahir Masri Provo event flyer Please help distribute this flyer to anyone interested in attending. We are sending individual invitations to state and municipal representatives in Utah County. If you are interested in helping with this, contact Kent Purdy and Megan Nelson. kentccluv@gmail.com menelson@vassar.edu

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Upcoming Events:

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