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Upcoming Events:

11/6: CCL Congressional Call-In Day

11/7: Due date for presentation proposals for Weber State Intermountain Sustainability Summit

11/7 6:30 pm: HEAL Utah Local Action Global Change Event. Park City.

11/8 8:30 am: EcoAmerica's Climate for Health Ambassador training. University of Utah

11/9 1:00pm: League of Women Voters Clean Energy Forum. Marmalade Library

11/9 3:00 pm: Teens Talk Climate Change. Salt Lake City Library.

11/11 - 11/12: CCL November Lobby Day in Washington, DC (registration closed)

11/12 12:00 pm: Climate Changes Health Equity Journal Club. Students Leading the Way. University of Utah

11/13 5:00 pm: SCPW Solar Block Party. Park City

11/16 7:00 pm: Practical Solutions for our Climate Crisis Event. Logan. Reps. Potter and Johnson to present.

11/19 12:00 pm: Climate Changes Health Equity Journal Club. Climate Changes Health - Rising to the Challenge. University of Utah

11/19 6:30 pm. Final Clean Air Caucus meeting of the year. Copper Room of the Utah Senate Building. Topics include a review of upcoming clean air and climate legislation.

1/13: Delivery to the Utah Legislature of the Gardner Institute Air Quality / Changing Climate Policy Draft Roadmap.

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Upcoming Events:

8/18, 6:30 pm: Clean Air Caucus meeting. Agenda includes an update on the Utah Roadmap. 8/19, 10:00am Environmental Voter Project volunteer training 8/20, 5:00pm Environmental Voter Project volunteer

Environmental Voter Project

The solution to climate change is democracy!  We are encouraging efforts to help get out the environmental vote. We know from the Environmental Voter Project that many people concerned about the env